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A few personal testimonies….

"Marie, I feel has been the most fascinating and accurate psychic that I have worked with to date...people who know me all know that I've been to quite a few.  I am excited that she has moved out of her home and has opened a center in the old garden angel tea room.  Everyone that I have sent to her has been extremely pleased and wants to return.  As you can see, her services are extensive...but the old psychic reading is a great start!"


Jacey A.



"Marie thank you so much for everything you did on Saturday for me and my father.  Believe it or not, I have seen such a turn around in my father and I feel like FINALLY someone got thru to him!!!  So much of what you said is true and I know I will be putting it all to good use."




“I wanted to Thank You for helping and encouraging me to reconsider my lifelong gift I have shared with animals since my childhood despite my constant self doubt.  You understood how important it was for me to regain my own personal abilities. Your own incredible connection & unique clarity exhibit the key ingredients needed in order to practice such intuitive talents and speak about such well grounded knowledge.”


Krystyne S.



“Maree, you are a truly gifted medium, a witty and wise teacher, and a pleasure to speak with. You have a knack for getting right to the heart of the matter, and then making me laugh about it too! Thank you for sharing your Light and your Gift!”


Catherine B.




"Once again I just want to tell you that you completely amazed me!!!"





 "I just wanted to thank you again, I felt a lot better about everything after the visit with you."





 “I am going forward with my business. I am very glad that we met. More than the reading, I believe I was supposed to meet you. When I am ready, someone would be there to help guide me. I will be ready soon.“


Deb H.




“I would love to have another reading in the future. I truly can't thank you enough!”






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